Rally and March for Same-Sex Marriage Rights – 26 March 2011

The lawns in front of the State Library were fully occupied for the latest in the series of rallies organised by Equal Love in support of their campaign against the discriminatory provisions of the Marriage Act. Introductory music was provided by Sophie O’Connor and John Doxey, with Dolly Diamond and Luke Gallagher hosting. Speakers ranged from Karen Field, CEO of the Drummond Street Relationship Centre and Sally Goldner of TransGender Victoria, Jade Eckhaus, Queer Officer of the NUS and James Campbell of minus18, to comedian Joel Creasey and union activist Daria Healy-Aarons, with Ali Hogg, Convenor of Equal Love, delivering the final call to action. There was the now-traditional competition for the best home-made placard, won this time by one reading “23 years living in sin” … Showers threatened but held off, and there was a spirited march to the Old Treasury Building, where the PA system failed to deliver but the message was loud and clear – the fight goes on…

No photos this time, but video extracts from the rally and march. (There are pics galore here.)