Walk against Warming – 12 December 2009

Banner calls on world leaders to deliver on climate change

Banner at head of march

Judging by their website, event organisers were concentrating on getting a sufficient number of bodies to the end-point of the march – Princes Bridge over the Yarra River – to form the human sign which would then be photographed from the air. According to the website the march was due to leave the State Library at 12 noon (http://www.waw.org.au/index.php/page-eighteen.html), with the first walkers arriving at the bridge at 12.30, and the whole thing finished by 1pm (http://www.waw.org.au/index.php/marshalls-information.html). It was as well that this timetable was not kept to, since posters and other materials advertising the rally gave 12 noon as the start time for the rally, and it was only after that time that any serious numbers of people began gathering at the State Library. At 11.50 there were perhaps two hundred, but by the time the speakers had finished and the march set off – about 12.50 – this had swollen to some thousands, although I don’t feel able to endorse the figure of 40,000 claimed by the WAW website …
Posts on Melbourne Indymedia should fill in the details of the speakers, and there are aerial photos on the WAW website (http://www.waw.org.au/), so what is posted here concentrates on the contribution of some of the various groups and individuals who came to express their concerns. A slideshow containing these and several other photos is in preparation.

At the State Library:

Protesters with anti-US banner

Anti-US protest

Black and red flags at State Library

One sign of an anarchist presence ...

Cow with caption - Milk Sucks

Several banners and placards advocated a vegan lifestyle as a solution

Doll with globe for head - hanging from power pole

A rather sad detail from the preceding - probably not connected

Figure representing 350.org

See following for the text of the message

If the earth were only a few feet in diameter ...

Detail of preceding

Socialist Party stall with placards

The Socialist Party stall - the police later wanted to have it moved ...

On the march (in no particular order):

Darebin Climate Action group banner

One of the many local climate action groups

Woman in white with placard - doing nothing will cost more

Another individual statement

Greens placard - Cool it!

There was a fair sprinkling of Greens triangles in the crowd

Flag with image of Earth as seen from space

Planet Earth

FoE anti-nuclear and anti-coal banner

FoE seem to have borrowed a banner from Brisbane?

Various placards, including Green Wedges

There were quite a lot of young children there

Teenagers with placard - Have a heart

... and young people generally.

Band riding an multiple bike

The environmental bike band

Rudd figure in bathtub of coal pushed by two polar bears

The Greenpeace float

One of rather few union flags

One of the few signs of a union presence, although there was also a contingent from the LHMU

Placard - I'm just here for the atmosphere

We saw this last year as well

Capitalism has no solutions ...

The pink and black bloc, near the end of the march, with perhaps the final word ...

There will be a link here when the slideshow is available; videos from previous years can be found on EngageMedia (http://www.engagemedia.org/Members/pc/videos/waw06-melb.avi/view http://www.engagemedia.org/Members/pc/videos/waw-11nov07-engage.avi/view and http://www.engagemedia.org/Members/pc/videos/15nov08-waw_transcoded.avi/view)

Head of march

Click on image to view slideshow

The slideshow is also available on YouTube:

Added 16 December – for some reason this got left off:

No borders- no nations- no coal power stations

Another view of the Pink and Black bloc