Stop the Genocide of Indigenous People – 14 July

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Head of the march, banner leading, Stop Indigenous Deaths in Custody

A mass rally was held in Melbourne on Saturday 14 July, as part of an International Day of Action in opposition to the government’s escalation of attacks on Indigenous communities and the denial of justice for Mulrunji and other Indigenous people who have been killed in police custody… Rallies were held in cities across Australia as well as solidarity rallies across the world. Corporate media reports spoke of ‘about 30 demonstrators’ …

Lighting the sacred fire at the State Library

Lighting the sacred fire at the State Library

Maori speaker

Sina spoke on behalf of Maori and other Indigenous peoples

BAnner from G20 arrestees - Self Determination not Invasion

Solidarity from the G20 arrestees

Robbie Thorpe on back of tray truck...

On the march

Placard referring to case of Mulrunji

Reminder of unfinished business

Banner on St Paul's as march reaches Flinders Street - Make Indigenous Poverty History

Support from the Church