Anti-war rally – 17 March

Another report on this rally, with more photos and summaries on speeches, can be found on Melbourne Indymedia. The following pictures, along with a low-resolution video clip, were also originally posted to Indymedia – at and There is a further report on Indymedia at addition: the mainstream media reported numbers of about 300 at each of the rallies in Sydney and Melbourne. At some points there were probably only about 300 people at the rally/march in Melbourne, but the true figure at its peak was not less than a thousand – the crowd swelled noticeably not long before the march set off.)

State Library at the start

State Library at the start

Elderly protester with placard

There was the whole spectrum of ages, from older …

Children with banner - Bush, can't you hear the children crying

…to younger.

Children with banner - Give Peace a Chance

More of the younger generation

Hooded figure with placard - Democracy - Even if it kills them?

The US does not use torture? – Tell that to the marines, as they used to say…

US flag with bloodied clothes and shoes

Women for Peace

Placard addressed to Iraqi peole - Fuck the Government, they don't speak for me...

ISO stall

The ISO stall was collecting signatures on a petition to Rob Hulls protesting at the use of anti-terror legislation against those arrested in connection with the G20 protests last November.

Cardboard cut-out of bus

Also at the ISO stall, in preparation for the APEC meeting in Sydney later this year.

Closeup - Photo of Bush - 'This war criminal is coming to Sydney...'

Detail from the Peacebus

Stall with map of detention centre

The Refugee Action Collective, collecting signatures on a petition against the new detention centre on Christmas Island.

Banners at head of the march setting off.

Head of the march

Resistance banner - Don't join the army ...

Don’t join the Army … a seditious message perhaps?

Banner of Lesbian and Gay Solidarity

The Indefatigables

Banner of Nuclear Free Australia

Nuclear Free Australia made it to the front briefly

Placard - Bulk Billing not Bombs

The message from Radical Women

Police with video camera

Keeping an eye on things … or should that be ‘people’?

Banner with Eureka flag - Reclaim the radical spirit of the Eureka Rebellion

Bringing up the rear – carrying this banner is a considerable feat in itself


He was playing ‘Give Peace a Chance’.

Red flags prominent in crowd filling street.

Scene at Liberal Party HQ, the end point of the march