Mayday March- 6 May

Photos from the march and festivities at Trades Hall.[Note – reports posted at the time to Melbourne Indymedia are no longer accessible. It was about this time that MIM ceased operation, leading to the setting up of this blog.]
Pipers leading march

There seems to have been a media blackout on the Mayday festivities in Melbourne yesterday, while reports only ‘sparse turnout’ for the parallel event in Sydney. However that may be, there were certainly more than ‘several hundred’ on the march in Melbourne, and large numbers took advantage of the mini-fairground set up in a blocked-off stretch of Lygon Street outside Trades Hall. There was great provision for the many children – a merry-go-round, jumping castle and rock climbing – bands and the Trades Hall Choir, and a most impressive afternoon tea laid on inside by the Melbourne May Day Committee. There was naturally enough a serious side also, and many international causes were represented, notably the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Latin America. The march was led by the pipe band of the Ringwood RSL, closely followed by a strong Indigenous protest. There were some familiar banners and some brand new ones, including one being painted just in time. There were some familiar faces, too, including Craig Johnston in good spirits serving at the barbecue …
Craig Johnston serving at BBQ

Mayday banner and placards - one calling for sacking of Gavin Jennings

Gavin Jennings is not popular in some quarters

Older marchers helping unionist in wheelchair

Some of the old guard

Aboriginal flags in the march

Indigenous contingent in LaTrobe Street

 Aboriginal flags and placards  Campaign for International Co-operation and Disarmament

Aboriginal flags and placards
Campaign for International Co-operation and Disarmament

View of march heading back up Russell Street

Russell Street

Children getting ride on back of tray truck

Some of the younger marchers needed a rest towards the end

Marchers with flag of Chile

International solidarity

Marchers, one wearing RAC-Vic t-shirt

The Refugee Action Collective also had a stall inside Trades Hall as part of the campaign against the new detention centre on Christmas Island

Artificial rock for climbing

One of activities on offer for kids

Belligerent-looking bulldog wearing union t'shirt

A solid unionist

Mayday banner at Trades Hall

At Trades Hall

The Trades Hall choir on stage outside Trades Hall

The Trades Hall choir

Placard of John Howard as 'Industrial Terrorist'

Someone else not popular

Huge banner invoking Eureka Rebellion

Another banner in Lygon Street

AMWU banner

Stretched behind the cabin of the AMWU truck

MACG banner on the march

Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group

'Don't vote for Howard ...' mobile billboard

Message to all unionists

SA banner calling for strike actions

From the Socialist Alliance

Phillipines Australia Solidarity Asoociation  banner

PASA banner

Another PASA banner

Another of the same

Banner with row of hearts and caption ' Unions Voice of Australians'

This banner was still being painted as the march began