ICANW launch in Melbourne – 23 April

The Australian branch of the International Campaign against Nuclear Weapons announced its official launch today at Parliament House in Melbourne… (Originally posted to Melbourne Indymedia.)

Map of greter Melbourne showing areas affected by bomb

There was a large red cross on the steps and a map of Melbourne with rings at 3, 5 10, 20 and 80km radii from the centre asking the question ‘What would happen if a 1 Megaton nuclear bomb landed in Melbourne’s CBD, while ‘doctors’ in white coats tended ‘victims’. A leaflet form MAPW (Medical Association for Prevention of War – http://www.mapw.org.au) offered some gruesome answers – 100% immediate fatalities within 3km, acute radiation sickness, usually fatal, within 5km, bomb flash causing temporary if not permanent blindness within 80km and so on. Ending with the further question ‘Is that okay with you?’

The event of the steps was followed by a press conference inside Parliament House and a luncheon.
ICANW Australia website:

'Doctors' in white coats tend to 'victim' lying on red cross on steps of Parliament House

Tending to the ‘victims’