Clean Energy Campaign launch – 14 July

Over 100 people lined up behind a portable wind-turbine on the steps of Parliament House today with placards declaring ‘I love clean energy and I vote’:

Placards and 'windmill' on steps of Parliament House

This was the launch of a joint ‘Clean Energy Campaign’ by Greenpeace and Environment Victoria. The call out said amongst other things:

‘It is Greenpeace’s and Environment Victoria’s joint campaign launch to make global warming and greenhouse gas reductions an election issue for the upcoming Victorian state election in november. Our message is “whoever will take office, we need to get very serious about climate change”.’

And as a Greenpeace spokesperson at the event said: ‘We’re hoping that through a really strong public, positive community campaign over the next four or five months we can get all parties in the lead-up to the election to come out with some decent climate change policies …’

A warning to the politicians:

Placard - I love clean energy and I vote

Children with placards at front of protest

Looking to the future

Banner - Clean Energy, The Climate Change Solution

The real answer to climate change

Another overview of protest