Justice for Jack – vigil at Supreme Court – 3 October

Although the preliminary hearings scheduled for today have been postponed to next Monday, this morning’s planned vigil went ahead …

The vigil was not just a show of support for Jack Thomas, it was also a demonstration of opposition to the government’s new ‘anti-terror’ legislation – as Greens speaker David Risstrom said, referring to the recent Bali outrage, this legislation is not going to contribute to people’s safety: the government is using the same technique it employed at the time of the Tampa, making people frightened and undermining judicial safeguards for electoral advantage. This was a point taken up by Brian Walters of Liberty Victoria – the Bali bombings, however horrible, are not a threat to our way of life, but the powers now ceded to the Attorney-General undermine democracy. Other speakers included Democrats Senator Lyn Allison, Jack’s brother Les, Jeff Sparrow, and representatives of the NUS and Stop-the-War Coalition. MC was Jill Sparrow.

View of crowd outside court

David Risstrom

David Risstrom

Les Thomas at megaphone

Les Thomas

Craig Johnston and others

Some familar figures – Craig Johnston amongst them

Banner of People for Constitutional Human Rights on railing

People for Constitutional Human Rights