Cake stall at ANZ Chinatown – 3 October

It got their attention even if a surprising proportion of passers-by seemed to be ‘on a diet’: yummy cakes and biscuits for donations or free …

The ‘publicity’ promised “juggling, music, clowning about, anti-anz propaganda, fizzy drinks” to go with the old-fashioned lamingtons, gingerbread biscuits and banana cakes: sadly, the music didn’t make it, nor the fizzy drinks. But the ‘boys and girls in blue’ did turn up eventually – about an hour late – to reinforce the lone security guard on the door, and a good time was had by all, as they say. More seriously, new stocks of flyers had to be sent for twice to meet the demand, and a lot of members of the public did stop to listen, even if the concept of free food at lunch time seemed hard to digest…
This was the latest in a rolling series of action against ANZ provoked by its profiteering in Iraq – see previous report here.

'Customer' at cake stall

Another 'customer' chooses a cake

A cake to go with the leaflet, or a leaflet to go with the cake?

Banner stretched across bank entrance and security guard

Previous actions have panicked management into closing down for the duration

police looking on

They couldn’t be persuaded to take a cake each, but were obviously tempted