ANZ protest – 19 September

Anti-war protesters continued their campaign against the role of ANZ in the occupation of Iraq – joined this time by a number of pirates (apparently, it was ‘speak like a pirate day’) …

First target today was the branch on Elizabeth and LaTrobe, followed by a return to the Little Bourke/Swanston branch visited last week. Management – and police – were slow to react at the first stop, and for some while it seemed the only police presence was going to be a solitary cop who was there as a customer, but eventually a contingent arrived and the protest withdrew in good order. According to those who stayed for the second round, the response was dramatically different at the Little Bourke/Swanston branch: large numbers of police and the branch immediately closed for the duration.

Outside the branch on Lonsdale Street

Outside the branch on Lonsdale Street

Protester holds banner - ANZ War Profiteer


Uniformed policeman oicks way past protester lying on floor inside bank

The first sign of police – pretending not to notice?

Protesters and 'pirates' with banner and chalked slogans on footpath

Outside again

'Pirates' viewing chalked body and figures on footpath

The body count