Landwarfare Cocktails – 28 September

First posted to Melbourne Indymedia; see also another report (Takver):

This evening I met face to face some of the faceless men who manufacture and sell the weapons of war. The men of the military industrial complex.

They had to run a gauntlet of people asking questions, congratulating them on profiting from war, and spraying champagne around. Some of them were distinctly surprised with the cocktail party welcome, and having their photo taken.

Thirty anti-war activists were bolstered by equivalent numbers of police in welcoming delegates to the Land Warfare Conference official cocktail party at the Aquarium.


Banner at entrance - Make Mine a Bloody Mary

Guests running the gauntlet

Early guests arriving

Guests with umbrellas

More guests – in the rain

Protesters with champagne

Opening the champagne – and there were some VERY nice sandwiches – thank you to whoever provided them

Protesters toasting

Toasting the merchants of death

Police pushing protesters

Pushing and shoving – the cop in the yellow jacket got a bit out of control – started pushing and shoving, and had to be led away by a big colleague – mug shot inset

Flares at Crown Casino

Simulated bombardment of crown casino? Just as things were starting to wind down the folks at the casino turned on a show – perhaps they thought the guests would enjoy a simulated bombardment?

View through the window

Fish eating fish. It was quite cosy inside – in a fish-eat-fish world … then they pulled the blinds down