Student Protest against fees and cuts – 12 May

Poster advertising the rally

(For a report on this action, see Green Left Weekly)

Police horses grazing on lawns at RMIT

Police horses taking a break before the rally

Martin Kingham among protesters

Martin Kingham was one of the speakers

Pink pig on wheels arriving

The ‘Howard Pig’ arriving

Pig closeup - face of John Howard

Closer view

Red flags and banners on the march

On the march

Pig on the march, placard of Brendan Nelson

Piggy on the march, followed by the Minister

Closeup of anti-Nelson placard

Another view of the same

Placrd - Less money for killing kittens

A reference to reports of animal abuse by defence personnel

The RMIT admin building - figures visible watching from upper floors   flo

Watchers from the windows of the RMIT admin building

Police with camcorder being filmed themselves

Police on the job at RMIT