Anti-deportation Rally – 28 May

Placard: Let Iranians Stay...

From a NADA leaflet:

Stop the deportation of Iranian asylum seekers

The Australian Government is intent on deporting Iranian asylum seekers from Australia to Iran. They have offered $2000 to individuals
agreeing to be removed voluntarily, backed up with the threat that unless they agree to go in within 28 days, they will be forcibly deported.
Unbearable pressure is being applied to Iranians detained in on-shore detention centres to sign the deal. While DIMIA tells asylum seekers that
the Iranian Government has agreed to accept forced deportees, the Iranian Embassy has denied that this is the case (Financial Review, May 2,

Iran, just like Afghanistan and Iraq, is a country that the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade bluntly warns Australians against traveling to,
yet at the same time is willing to forcefully deport asylum seekers to, who will face almost certain persecution and imprisonment, if not death.
The Iranian government is well known around the world for its repressive policies in particular those aimed at political activists, gays and
lesbians and members of the Baha’i community.

The deadline for the so-called voluntary repatriation package for the 466 Iranians currently held in detention centers is May 28 and on that day
the newly formed National Anti-Deportation Alliance (NADA) will be holding actions in all major capital cities to announce our intention of
mounting a campaign to stop the deportation of any Iranians against their will. NADA also pledges to work against all future forced deportations
of other asylum seekers whether in detention centers or in the community.

From the rally:

Sharan Burrow speaking

[ACTU President] Sharan Burrow pledged union support

No One Is Illegal offer to Alexander Downer- $2000.90 if he agrees to relocate to Iran:

Huge cheque held by members of NOII