Tampa Day – Rally for Justice – 30 August

One year after the Tampa, about 2000 people assembled at the State Library in Melbourne to demand freedom for refugees locked up in camps in Australia and the Pacific Islands, an end to deportations, and full rights for the 8000+ refugees ‘dying a slow death on Temporary Protection Visas’ (RAC flyer). Here are some photos:

View of rally early in proceedings

Another view of crowd

About half an hour later, towards dusk

Some of the many banners and a message of solidarity:

Banner highlighting difference in treatment between arrivals by air and by boat

Spot the discrimination

Banner - Refugee Action Collective salutes Captain Arne Rinnan ...

RAC banner

Banner of Kerang Rural Australians for Refugees

Patch on person 's back: My ancestors were boat people

Refugee Embassy bus

Another visitor was the Refugee Bus from the
Embassy at Woomera

After speeches at the State Library the rally marched through Central Melbourne, ending at the Nike store in Bourke Street, scene of regular Friday night protests over several months last year. By this time it was too dark for this kind of photography, although it was noticed that the police had their video camera in action …