National Day of Action [for refugees] – 23 June

Part of the crowd at the State Library

Placard of Ruddock as Hitler with caption 'Mein Refugee Kamp'

Turing’s Mein Kamp: these placards were based on an image posted to Melbourne Indymedia by someone using the pseudonym of ‘Turing’

Banners leading march down Elizabeth Street

The march down Elizabeth Street

Mounted police guarding McDonald's

Just in case?

The crowd blocks Prince's Bridge

Blocking Prince’s Bridge

Outlining bodies on the ground in memory of   the drowned last October

Drawing the outline of 353 bodies in memory of those drowned last
October with the SIEVX

Ruddock 'on trial' in effigy

Ruddock on trial for unlawful detention, murder etc etc – he was found guilty and sentenced to be locked up …