Melbourne Pig Save – 15 December 2013

Woman with placard in front of 'pig' in cage, protesters in background - "Why Love One but Eat the Other?

We chanced on this and fortunately happened to have a pocket camera. Facebook followers would no doubt have known about it in advance … Here is a closeup of the ‘pig’:

'Pig' in cage with various posters

The Facebook page is here, and the website here.

Other sites of relevance:

ALV – Animal Liberation Victoria

Make it Possible

Edgar’s Mission

Among the leaflets being handed out, some designed to shock*, Edgar’s Mission offered their ‘Guide to a Kind Christmas’, which included some very delicious-sounding recipes, available for download here.

See also Vegan Easy, and the Vegan society of Australia.

* For example: ‘A Recipe for Tortured Christmas Pork and Ham’, for which the ingredients listed were:
1 pregnant pig
1 small metal cage (sow stall)(2.2m x 0.6m)
1 metal birthing cage (farrowing crate) (2.0m x 0.5m)
1 life of misery and deprivation
1 pair of clippers:

Part of 'recipe'

(Images on leaflet not reproduced here)