Hazara Rally Federation Square 25 February


In the wake of the recent atrocities in Quetta, Pakistan,Melbourne’s Hazara community came together in Federation Square in one of a series of rallies across the country protesting at the ‘silent genocide’ against Hazaras there and elsewhere, and the failure of the international community, the UN especially, to listen to their voices. They called especially on the Australian government to cease its collaboration with agencies in Pakistan that are complicit in the terrorism, and to stop placing obstacles in the path of those trying to escape, not least those seeking to join families already in Australia. The rally began at 11am and there were still speakers waiting their turn at 1pm when the last of these photos were taken.

Apart from the larger placards and banners clearly seen, some held copies of a news photo: in the background is a billboard with the message “Don’t go to Australia by boat. Too dangerous.”

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