Occupy Melbourne Resumes – 29 October 2011

Occupy Melbourne banner leads march along Flinder Street

A report on the day’s events has already been posted on Melbourne Indymedia, supplemented by updates on the Occupy Melbourne Facebook page.[Update: Occupation re-established … ] This post is essentially a gallery of photos taken at the initial assembly at the State Library, the march down Swanston Street, along Flinders Street and up Spring Street to the meeting point in the Treasury Gardens, followed by the relocation to Bowen Street at RMIT. (At time of writing the Occupation has moved to the State Library and settled in for the night.) Most of the photos should be self-explanatory, though unfortunately out of order. A few call perhaps for comment:
West Papuans with flag at State Library
A small group of West Papuan refugees joined the Occupation at the State Library and could be seen at each stage of proceedings.
Police dog squad at Treasury Gardens
There was only a small and unobtrusive police presence at the State Library – though this increased markedly once the march set off – but a quite extraordinary deployment at the stated destination, the Treasury Gardens, including horses, riot police, several divisional vans, and these dogs.
Aboriginal flag leads march, accompanied by 'tranny cops'
The Aboriginal flag led the march for much of the way, accompanied here by a group of ‘tranny cops’ who had joined the march in Swanston Street, and are elsewhere seen providing a little theatre in the Gardens.
Speaker uses rolled-up paper as speaking trumpet
This was resorted to when the PA system failed for a time…
Miniature farmyard animals on window ledge at RMIT
These miniature animals provided decoration for a window sill at RMIT.

See also Occupy Melbourne website – http://occupymelbourne.org/