Occupy Melbourne – 15 October 2011 ->

Just a note: coverage of this ongoing action is being co-ordinated by Melbourne Indymedia with a live feed from the City Square… Please click here.

Update 16 October:
Man with placard - Capitalism Isn't Working

The note above remains valid, but here are a few photos taken during the early stages of the Occupation, plus a few more, including the one above, taken just before 2pm on the way down to Federation Square for the RISE festival (which will be reported in due course). Some of these photos have already appeared as part of the Indymedia pool. The slideshow includes some shots of the preparations at the Queen Victoria shopping centre for the planned march on Max Brenner, and one rather mysterious view of a window in the Hotel Westin at the City Square: just visible is a tripod supporting a camcorder being used by police to video the occupiers in the square below… The banner supporting Chilean students was part of a separate protest being held in Swanston Street a little north of the City Square.

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