Nuclear Abolition Day – ‘Re-imagining the Bomb’ – ICAN action 25 June 2011

Peopl gathering around the easels

Melbourne’s contribution to ICAN-coordinated global actions for Nuclear Abolition Day took the form of a call to ‘Re-imagine the Bomb’ – people were invited to convert an image of a bomb into something else using pen, crayon or spray can …

Easel on Princes Bridge with poster explaining the invitation

Take-up was rather slow at first. Many of the passers-by in the first half-hour or so were on their way to the MCG and couldn’t afford to more than take a quick look, but by the end there was quite a collection, several contributed by young artists:

Young girl drawing
Same girl taking a break for thought

This sometimes involved a high degree of concentration:

Young boy drawing, tongue sticking out, watch by brother and mum ...

This also was done by a young lad:

Bomb converted into part of clock tower of church

This ‘nukulele’ was another contribution:

Bomb-shaped ukelele decorated with flowers

Campaign Director Tim Wright was there to set an example, as this sequence shows:

Beginning the transformation
Stage 2 - the bomb has become a car ...

Adding the driver ...

Finished work - two cars with house and trees, clouds ... and cat

More artists at work:

Two adults at the easels

And some more of the finished articles:

Bomb converted to cartoon figureBomb converted to mother holding hands with children on either side
Bomb becomes angelBomb as fish
Bomb as deep-sea diverBomb as end of tunnel