No more band-aid solutions – End the Housing Crisis! – 12 November 2010

(See report also on Melbourne Indymedia.

“Take to the streets!” was a recurring theme in speeches at a rally organised by housing action group City is Ours last Friday at the office of Victorian State Housing Minister Richard Wynne. The list of speakers included Socialist Party candidate for the seat of Richmond – Richard Wynne’s seat – Stephen Jolly, Indigenous activist Sharon Firebrace, Annie Nash of Flat Out, a service for women leaving prison, Andy*, who has been working for the past ten years with the homeless and injecting/illicit drugs users, and Richard Tate, convenor of Homeless Front, a group who have already picketed Richard Wynne’s office over the homelessness issue – see report on this site for August 4th A ghost from the past,Henry Lawson, a poet with first-hand experience of homelessness, shared parts of his work “Faces in the Street”, and music was supplied by Little Hotel de Ville, currently playing on Thusdays at Lentil as Anything – details here.

MC was Iain McIntyre of City is Ours.

Local reception of the protest was mostly positive, with the exception of one ill-tempered person who saw fit to drive a pusher through the middle, scattering small children and running over someone’s foot. The office itself, in spite of the advertised opening hours, was closed…

By the end of the rally the message had been delivered loud and clear, and also spelled out in bandaids on the window.

*Had clearance from his employer to speak at the rally on condition he did not identify his workplace. See Annie Nash’s remarks on the video.