International Peace Day in Melbourne, 21 September – 2, Retire the Bomb!

Elderly 'bomb' with placard - 65 years on it's time to retire the bomb

ICAN in Melbourne marked the day at the State Library with a mock retirement party for the Bomb, which was also an opportunity for people to add their video messages to the One Million Pleas campaign.

"Bomb" handing out booklets

The decidedly superannuated-looking bomb spent much of the time on a convenient couch next to a table with tea things, but at intervals got up to help distribute a recently published ICAN booklet entitled ‘The Case Against Nuclear Weapons’(also viewable online – there is a copy next to the teapot here –

Table with tea things

– as well as obliging passers-by and children by posing for photos:

"Bomb" seated, with friends

Seated with young woman

One young woman was wearing a notice that it was her birthday, and offering free hugs:

Seated with 'birthday girl'

Hugging the Bomb

‘He’ was particularly popular with the children:

"Bomb" towering over group of children