Hiroshima Day in Melbourne – 6 August

Hiroshoma Day banner outside Young and Jackson

Evening rush-hour crowds at the Flinders Street/Swanston Street intersection were met by a large banner yesterday reminding them of the 45th anniversary of the destruction of Hiroshima with its attendant loss of life. The event was organised by Friends of the Earth’s ACE (Anti-Nuclear and Clean Energy) collective, who were also promoting the new Choose Nuclear Free website, while handing out leaflets inviting people to take part in ICAN‘s Million Pleas campaign…
The banner made a circuit or two of the intersection before making its way partly across Princes Bridge before returning to its starting point under the clocks of Flinders Street station, a spot shared with campaigners for the Socialist Alliance, including Senate candidate Sharon Firebrace.

Banner crossing Flinders Street

Crossing Flinders Street

With Federation Square behind

Passing Federation Square

Crossing Princes Bridge

On Princes Bridge

Banner hanging from bridge

From Princes Bridge

Crossing back to the station

On the way back to the station

Placard - what to do ... kiss your children goodbye

Placard at the station

Socialist Alliance stall

The Socialist Alliance stall