No Dump at Muckaty! FoE ACE Collective at Martin Ferguson’s office, 2 July 2010

Anti-nuclear protest outside Martin Ferguson's office

Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s ACE (Anti-nuclear and Clean Energy) Collective continued its campaign against Energy and Resources Minister Martin Ferguson’s planned nuclear waste dump at Muckaty in the Northern Territory. Activists in protective clothing offered motorists and passers-by miniature waste drums containing information leaflets, and a bucket of suspicious looking green liquid accidentally got spilled on the road. The protest continued at the minister’s office, where members of the Australian Federal Police also received info kits.
The action was small, although more were present than appear in the following very brief footage. It had been intended to present the minister with a letter reminding him of the upcoming Federal Court case brought by the traditional owners opposed to the dump, but the office was locked, and Martin Ferguson apparently in Sydney…


Protesters on the corner of Bell and High Streets

On the corner of Bell and High Streets