Nuclear Abolition Day Vigil in Melbourne – 4 June 2010

Lineup with lettering under fire station mural

On the eve of  Nuclear Abolition Day ICAN Australia launched a new short video entitled “Who by Fire” based on retelling of the legend of Prometheus and Pandora displayed in a mural on the wall of the Fire Station Museum on Victoria Parade. Before the screening, which took place at Trades Hall, there was a peace picnic in Parliament Gardens, courtesy of Friends of the Earth ACE Collective, and a live performance of the work interspersed with live music and rap. Members of the audience – including several from Japanese for Peace – stood in the grounds of St Peter’s Eastern Hill church opposite the Museum, and 23 of them held lanterns, each representing 1000 nuclear weapons, this being the total world arsenal today …

In thegrounds of the church - audience with lanterns

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The ICAN video can be viewed on YouTube – – and see also the ICAN Australia website entry –

More pictures:

The picnic –

Dave Sweeney and others at the food table

Dave Sweeney and others at the food table

Cakes and chai

Cakes and chai - there were also lentil burgers ...

Lest we forget - banner draped on tree

ICAN placards at the picnic

Children with placard

At the performance –

Young boy with lantern

Another young protester

Closeup up lantern-bearers

In the grounds of the church

Performance in full swing - fire engine with Dave Sweeney in background

Fran, Madeline, Kasey, Izzy; Dave Sweeney read the narration perched on a classic fire engine ...

Rappers in action

Izzy and Kasey, Fran in background

Another view of the mural

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