Anti-nuclear protest at Rio Tinto AGM – Melbourne, 26 May 2010

Protesters line up with placard behind Ziggy, the anti-nuclear white elephant

[Originally posted to Melbourne Indymedia]

Energy Resources Australia (ERA), the company responsible for the Ranger uranium mine recently revealed to have leaked millions of litres of radioactive water into the World Heritage-listed wetlands of Kakadu National Park (…), is a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, which held its AGM in Melbourne today. In spite of extremely short notice, protesters joined Ziggy the anti-nuclear white elephant outside the Melbourne Convention Centre to voice their outrage at this latest case of contamination and to send a message of support for the Mirrar traditional custodians, who oppose the expansion of the Ranger Uranium mine.

The protest was organised by Friends of the Earth ACE (Anti-nuclear and Clean Energy) Collective, and some of those attending were just back from the annual Radioactive Exposure Tour – see and

Another view of protest