Solidarity with workers and people of Greece – 16 May

Protesters hold placards on Library steps

(Originally posted to Melbourne Indymedia – this version incorporates a correction made in a comment posted there.)

The Melbourne branch of Bash Back ( issued a callout for a show of solidarity with ‘the workers and people of Greece’, adding ‘Considering that this country [Australia] has the largest Greek population outside of Greece there should be no question about the need to show solidarity.’ Only a dedicated few answered the call – admittedly at short notice – meeting at the State Library in front of the statue of Victoria’s ‘hanging judge’ Redmond Barry (still sporting a placard from the previous day’s anti-homophobia rally). The protest was informal, with various people taking turns with the megaphone; one read  the communiqué ‘Reality is an illusion; Normality is behind us’ by the Fellow Precarious Workers from the Occupied ASOEE (Athens University of Economics and Business) reprinted in  “Everyone to the Streets”, pp. 98-100 (see There was agreement a further action should be arranged, potentially at the Greek Consulate, and a stronger effort should be made to involve the Greek community.

Reading a statement

Closeup of protesters with solidarity placards

Latin-American solidarity

Redmond Barry statue - with placard and pigeons

Placard detail - But all I need is a lover

Detail of placard from previous day's rally