May 15 International day against homophobia – rally for same sex marriage!

From the march - couple dressed for marriage

As explained in a previous post, several events clashed on the day, and we arrived at the State Library only in time to catch the last minutes of the rally. There were, however, reports – not very extensive  – on some mainstream media (e.g. the ABC) and we were able to get some shots both at the Library and from the early stages of the march:

Crowd at the State Library

The turnout was impressive ...

Banners at the head of the march

Getting ready to set off ...

'Born gay' and other placards, with red flags in background

CFMEU flags

The CFMEU was one of several unions represented ...

CPSU flags

Socialist Party banner - 'Workers Unite against Homophobia'

Socialist Party of Australia ...

Radical Women placards

... and Radical Women

Marcher gives 'v-sign' to camera

More placards, including 'Jesus had 2 Daddies'

And, finally, these two amazing heroes of the struggle:

Banner of Lesbian and Gay Solidarity, held by Mannie and Kendall

(See Mannie & Kendall’s Home Page and Lesbian and Gay Solidarity)