“Free Lolita!” – Melbourne’s contribution to worldwide protest – 15 May 2010

Protesters with placards - 'Free Lolita!'

[Originally posted to Melbourne Indymedia]

While thousands rallied at the State Library against homophobia – of which more elsewhere – smaller protests took place further south, at Federation Square and outside Flinders Street station. At Federation Square, against a backdrop of the Buddha festival, a group of mostly young people joined a worldwide protest against the continued captivity of “Lolita”, an orca captured in 1970 and kept in a tank not much larger than herself. They handed out fliers and displayed placards showing photos of the Miami Seaquarium where the unfortunate creature is imprisoned.

Explaining to member of public

Passers-by stopped to enquire about the protest

Handing out fliers

Handing out fliers

See more on http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/event.php?eid=122891544387917&ref=ts and http://www.savelolita.com