Photos from MayDay 2010 (2nd May, not the 1st…)

May Day banner

The weather was a bit less kind than last year (see and the turnout once again looked distinctly unpromising to begin with, but still enough for a respectable march through the city. (A report on the website of the  Socialist Alternative , who were well and loudly represented, claims 500 on the march …) Among the speakers were Aboriginal activist Richard Downs,  Pamela Curr, and Edgar Paez from Colombia.

As usual, the march was led by the Ringwood RSL Pipe Band, and the train was there again for children and the elderly. The Trades Union Choir sang …

Reports of events held in Melbourne on MayDay proper can be found on Melbourne Indymedia:

Photos from before the march:

Placard - The Eureka Flag

Pipers line up at head of march

The Ringwood RSL Pipe Band

On the march:

Aboriginal flag

Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group banner

More anarchists

Socialist Party banner

Train with red flag

Dog on march

Back at Trades Hall:

Pamela Curr speaking

Part of the audience - seated

Another dog

Trades Union choir

Workers' Memorial

Detail from memorial