Picket at Office of Victorian Energy and Resources Minister Peter Batchelor – 29 March 2010

Anti-Coal banners outside the office

The day before Peter Batchelor was due to attend the Victorian Coal and Energy Conference (a three thousand dollar a head event), Melb Uni Climate Action Working Group (CAWG) called a picket of the minister’s office at 1 Spring Street. There is an extensive report by Takver on Melbourne Indymedia, including links to photos and videos on YouTube. Numbers were small, but drawn from a range of activist groups, reflected in the list of speakers: Brian Walters, The Greens; Jake (not Peter Marshal as advertised), United Firefighters Union; Dr. Jim Green and Madeline Hudson, Anti-nuclear and Clean Energy Campaign, Friends Of the Earth; Mark Ogge, Beyond Zero Emissions; Chris Breen, Solar Systems Campaign; and Damien Lawson, Victorian Climate Action Centre:

Damien Lawson making a point

The following day saw further action at the conference itself, with two protesters arrested and charged with trespass after managing to infiltrate the meeting and disrupt proceedings – see reports on Melbourne Indymedia here and here.






To view roughly edited footage of the picket, click on the thumbnails below:

Click on image to view video - Part 1

Click on image to view video - Part 2