Save Live Australian Music – SLAM – march and rally 23 February 2010

Banner at State Library - warning to Premier Brumby ...

John Brumby placed on notice

This massive protest against the effects on live music venues of the Victorian State Government’s hamfisted attempt to crack down on alcohol-related violence has been widely reported already both in the mainstream and independent media, and at this late date there seems no point in duplicating what has been posted elsewhere. (See for example, Melbourne Indymedia , The Vine, and the event website.)
For background, there is an interview with two of the organisers, Quincy McLean and Helen Marcou, on The Vine, and more background at Infinite Entertainment, as well as on the SLAM website.
An article in The Shout describes the Brumby government backdown immediately before the rally, and the proposed Live Music Accord can be downloaded here.
See also Music Doesn’t Make You Violent

Several videos have been posted on YouTube, including one by Paul Drane, who made the original AC/DC music clip 34 years ago which was ‘recreated’ as part of the event (; there are links to this and others on the SLAM site, as well as to photos on Flickr.

There is also a video of the event on EngageMedia.

MP3 files of the main speeches can be found on Melbourne Indymedia here and here.

Banner seen at end of rally - Repent your Dirty Deeds

Another warning?

Scenes from the march:

“It’s a long way to the top…” at Parliament House:

Speeches at Parliament House:

Speeches ctd: