‘Age of Stupid’ – local politicians get gold passes to screenings…

Paul with gold pass outside Bronwyn Pike's office

Gold Pass for Bronwyn

Climate action group inc3 (Inner Northwest Climate Change Community – http://www.inc3.info/) are holding a screening of the climate change movie ‘Age of Stupid’ on 22 February (details on website – http://www.inc3.info/index.php/film-night) and thought it appropriate to invite the local state and federal members. Paul Connor from the group delivered the gold passes, carefully handmade and personalised, by hand yesterday to the offices of Bronwyn Pike, State MLA for Melbourne, and Lindsay Tanner MP, Federal Minister for Finance and Deregulation:

Paul with gold pass outside Lindsay Tanner's office

Gold pass for Lindsay

The Federal Minister was unfortunately not on hand to take delivery, but his receptionist accepted it on his behalf:

Handing the pass to Lindsay Tanner's receptionist

Delivering the pass to Lindsay Tanner's office

Bronwyn Pike, on the other hand, left a meeting to meet the group’s representative, and expressed considerable interest in its activities:

Bronwyn Pike examining the pass

Paul delivers gold pass to Bronwyn Pike MLA

She was not, however, prepared to commit to attending the screening…

There is a fuller account on the inc3 website – http://www.inc3.info/ – and video is in preparation [added 12 Feb, see below]

inc3 also had a stall at the North Melbourne Farmer’s Market last Sunday, and plans to be there again on March 7th:

The inc3 stall at North Melbourne Farmer's market

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