Solidarity with G20 arrestees – 18 February

Today was the start of the committal hearings for 23 G20 arrestees. To mark the occasion, supporters gathered outside the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court and a statement was read:

Reading the statement

The full text of the statement can be found on Sydney Indymedia.


Waitangi Day, 6 February 2008

Outside the consulate

Representatives and supports of Indigenous peoples across the Pacific gathered outside the Aotearoa/NZ Consulate in Melbourne on 6 February as part of an international protest. In addition to speakers from Aotearoa a statement from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy was read by a representative of ISJA (Indigenous Social Justice Association) and Krautungalung elder Robbie Thorpe spoke. Others included Nick Chesterfield, long-term campaigner for Indigenous rights in the Pacific, and Marisol Salinas, who delivered a message of solidarity on behalf of the Mapuche people of Chile.
Video of this event on YouTube in three parts:

There is a full report with photographs on Whenua, Fenua, Enua, Vanua –
See also Aotearoa IMC –