International Day of Action in support of people of Burma – 6 October

Banner at head of march

Melbourne was one of several cities in Australia which joined others across the world in an International Day of Action against the violence of the military junta in Burma. Organisers of the rally, which attracted up to about 300 supporters (press reports said 200, but it was not clear when this tally was made) asked people to assemble on the south bank of the Yarra and to wear red. Red ribbons were also distributed, and many of these were left tied around poles at the State Library at the end of the rally. Before setting off from the river up Swanston Street to the Library, representatives of the communities launched red and yellow flowers on the water in memory of those killed.
The march was led by a blood-red banner with the message “No More Bloodshed”, while many carried placards calling for a free Burma. Speakers at the State Library included exiled National League for Democracy MP Teddy Buri, Ganemy Kunoo of the Australia Karen Organisation and the Ethnic Nationalities Organisation, Alison Tate of the Australia Burma Network, and Michael Butler of Amnesty International Victoria.
The event was jointly organised by the Ethnic Nationalities Organisation – Burma and NE India, the Australia Burma Network and Amnesty International.
Press reports can be found online at and,21985,22541552-5005961,00.html

Part of the crowd at the State Library

Tying ribbons in remembrance

There is video of this event on YouTube:

[Additional photos posted 5 May 2014]