Resist the eviction of Zapatista Communities – Speakout 4th October

Banner on GPO stepsThursday, 4 October 07.
Visiting Mexican activist Estela Morales addressed a speakout in the Bourke Street Mall as part of a tour aimed at gathering support for the beleaguered Zapatista communities of Mexico – she will also be speaking at an international solidarity forum in Melbourne organised by the Latin American Solidarity Network (LASNET) and other groups on October 11-14.(See

Here is an extract from a flyer handed to members of the public:

In recent months the Mexican government, with the complicity it the major political parties has made neo-liberal economic pacts with the US and Canadian governments, amongst others. The object of these pacts is to open the way for multinational companies to exploit Mexico’s natural resources. The Mexican government is fanatically right wing and has betrayed the people of Mexico in favour of big business.
A result of this betrayal has been the development of a policy of extermination of indigenous communities, especially those affiliated with the Zapatistas. The autonomous zones protected by the Zapatistas since 1994 have been one of the strongest barriers against the determination of the government to install superhighways and suck the natural wealth out of Mexico in the interests of multinational capital.
At the moment the majority of Zapatista communities are being held hostage not only by the military but by organisations set up by the government supposedly to aid indigenous people. Comrades are constantly threatened with arrest and murder because of their refusal to leave their own lands.

For the self-determination of the People
Long live autonomy
Long live the Zapatistas
Stop the repression and brutality

There is a short video of Estela’s address in Spanish, with English translation,  on YouTube