Rebranding a Politician Ctd – 12 May 2010

As already reported on this site, Yarra Climate Action Now! have set themselves the target of picketting the office of Richmond MP Richard Wynne every Wednesday until the November State election in an exercise of ‘rebranding’ – see and the YCAN website –

Numbers were low on this occasion, and winter coming on fast, but the determination remains. More helpers would be welcome… (The rebranding happens from 5.30-6.30 at Richard Wynne’s office, 112 Smith Street, Fitzroy.) Soon will be the 21st session, occasion for a small celebration, perhaps?

Replace Hazelwood – 6 May, 2010

Protesters fill the steps of Parliament House

The campaign against Australia’s dirtiest power station continued today with an election-oriented – this is budget week in Victoria –  rally on the steps of Parliament House under the slogan “Replace Hazelwood with Clean Energy”…

From the callout issued by the participating groups (Alternative Technology Association, Environment Victoria, Friends of the Earth, Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd, Victorian Climate Action Centre and Yarra Climate Action Network ):

A growing coalition of community groups are campaigning for the State and Federal governments to make an election commitment to replace Hazelwood power station with clean energy by 2012. This will be a key election test for the Federal and State Labor governments.

Join us in Budget week to take the campaign direct to the State government.

Victoria’s Hazelwood power station is the dirtiest coal fired power station in Australia and one of the most polluting in the developed world. Hazelwood is so old and inefficient it produces almost 15% of Victoria’s carbon pollution and uses an enormous amount of water. It is outdated technology, a polluting dinosaur of the industrial age.
Together we can replace Hazelwood with clean energy alternatives – such as investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy like solar and wind.

Speakers  included Damien Lawson (Climate Action Centre), David Spratt (Climate Code Red, Damien Moyse (Alternative Technology Association, Doug Evans (Yarra Climate Action Now see also and Victoria McKenzie-McHarg (Environment Victoria). Greens MLC Colleen Hartland was spotted in the crowd, as were candidates Alex Bhathal and Brian Walters, and Greg Barber was reportedly currently asking pointed questions during the debate on last Tuesday’s budget. The speeches were punctuated by chants of  ‘Switch off coal, wind and solar now! ‘ and ‘ John Brumby, replace Hazelwood!’ and passing motorists were invited to sound their horns in support; at times the resulting din drowned the voices of the speakers…

Placard calling on motorists to honk in support

Damien Lawson addressing the rally

Damien Lawson addressing the rally

Greenpeace banner

Colleen Hartland MLC and Brian Walters

Colleen Hartland MLC and Brian Walters

'Windmill' in the crowd

Yarra Climate Action Now have been holding weekly vigils on Wednesdays outside the office of Richard Wynne, State Labour member for Richmond, in an exercise of ‘rebranding’ (see

Protesters hold photos of Hazelwood

A message for Richard Wynne. The placard on the right is backed by a solar panel

This young man’s placard calling for ‘leadership not politics’ was marked as recycled from 2007:

Child with 'wanted' placard

See also and a video of activists in Moreland doorknocking:

On a related note, Friends of the Earth’s ACE collective announced the next action in their campaign to stop the building of a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty in the Northen Territory – see

Picket at Office of Victorian Energy and Resources Minister Peter Batchelor – 29 March 2010

Anti-Coal banners outside the office

The day before Peter Batchelor was due to attend the Victorian Coal and Energy Conference (a three thousand dollar a head event), Melb Uni Climate Action Working Group (CAWG) called a picket of the minister’s office at 1 Spring Street. There is an extensive report by Takver on Melbourne Indymedia, including links to photos and videos on YouTube. Numbers were small, but drawn from a range of activist groups, reflected in the list of speakers: Brian Walters, The Greens; Jake (not Peter Marshal as advertised), United Firefighters Union; Dr. Jim Green and Madeline Hudson, Anti-nuclear and Clean Energy Campaign, Friends Of the Earth; Mark Ogge, Beyond Zero Emissions; Chris Breen, Solar Systems Campaign; and Damien Lawson, Victorian Climate Action Centre:

Damien Lawson making a point

The following day saw further action at the conference itself, with two protesters arrested and charged with trespass after managing to infiltrate the meeting and disrupt proceedings – see reports on Melbourne Indymedia here and here.


To view roughly edited footage of the picket, click on the thumbnails below:

Click on image to view video - Part 1

Click on image to view video - Part 2